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The Content Editor allows you to generate content within Shine Ranker. It also provides you with suggested words and headings to use for a better ranking chance for your content.

NEW! Projects Dashboard

The Projects Dashboard has been adjusted to show the list of your active projects. More update will be added soon. Better UX and more information to show on your dashboard.

NEW! Keywords Tracker Dashboard

The Keywords Tracker Dashboard was recently added to show just the list of keywords you want to track, and assign to your content writers. This is where all the tracked keywords go after using the Keywords Research feature.

Keywords Research

Keywords Research is a Shine Ranker feature that will help you identify the keywords monthly searches, average CPC, and difficulty. Here you can track selected keywords and even track the easy keywords alone.

Traffic Checker

The Traffic Checker feature will check the URLs keywords and rate the score if it passes Shine Rankers Custom Metric. It also shows the number of monthly searches, average CPC, the current rank and the previous rank of the keyword used for a particular URL.

Keywords Competitor

Keywords Competitor lets you input your URL and your competitors URL. This will allow you to look into similar keywords that you rank for. Aside from the keywords, this feature will show you the monthly searches, average CPC, your rank & URL and your competitor rank & URL.

Shine Audit

The Shine Audit allows you to perform an SEO audit on a website. Just simply enter the website link and with a click of a button, Shine Audit will start checking website info if it has certain parameters. This is best to see what's missing on a website.

Tutorial Section

If you get into trouble and unsure how to use Shine Ranker, we have a tutorial section where Chase explains how to use each of the features.

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